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The basic physiological process that I will use is getting rid of waste. Getting rid of waste is a really important process. This process is need by every organism from the smallest single cell all the way to the most complex creature on earth and in the universe. Even extraterrestrials need to get rid of waste. This physiological process differs in many different living organisms. In a bear it has to go through the digestive tract and then out of the anus as the form of solid waste. To get rid of liquid waste a bear uses kidneys and a urinary tract. However in a fish it is slightly different. A fish gets rid of waste by the same
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Unformatted text preview: way a bear does but it looks different. They both have an anus and an alimentary canal and both contain kidneys. In addition a grasshopper also has an alimentary canal ending in an anus. However a grasshopper eliminates liquid waste in to the gut and then goes into the anus to be expelled. However, bacteria are very much different. Bacteria uses the cell membrane to get rid of wastes this done in the form of a liquid and gas. If waste is not eliminated then the living creature could die from self poisoning them selves....
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