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The current estimate of the worldwide human population is six billion, seven-hundred ninety –six million, four hundred nine thousand, and Seven hundred forty-six people on the face of the earth currently. This number will change drastically moment-to-moment, day-to-day, and year to year because of new births, deaths, accidents, and war. This population number has impacted the ecosystem by taking habitats for creatures to live. In addition, pollution is the number one killer of ecosystems and the more people we have in an ecosystem the more pollution that is being expelled into the environment. Not to mention that the human population is competing with all other creatures for food, and water, and shelter. As humans, creatures also need the
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Unformatted text preview: three basic needs to survive. Without these basic needs the creatures will be forced to relocate. After the creatures relocate humans then expand outward due to the growing population and take that area as well. These animals will eventually become extinct because of nowhere else to live and nothing else to eat. I feel that if humans would have the capability to live on top of or in the ocean that this nasty routine would stop. The earth is one third water and there would be plenty of place to live there and not kill the habitats of all other creatures on this planet....
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