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Week 2 day 5 crimanal - of Police This would save tax...

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The two major differences that I see in the organization of personnel between the two departments are. One the Unionville, Missouri police department does not have a deputy chief. Where as the Minooka Police Department have two deputy chiefs. In addition, the Unionville, Missouri police department does not have a detective sergeant. In Unionville the detective sergeant is our chief of police. He has that role. However Minooka seems to have a whole separate department that has a deputy chief and then a detective sergeant. This is really interesting because you would think that Minooka could eliminate that second position of deputy chief and have the detective sergeant report directly to the Chief
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Unformatted text preview: of Police. This would save tax payers money and eliminate a middle man. There will be less confusion with less people in the way of the top of the pyramid. This would mean that some information would not get lost in translation. In addition Minooka does not have a separate department for records. Does this mean that each person is in charge of their records and tickets? Or do the personnel give them to someone else? However, I can see the reduced case load for having a deputy chief. Compared to if the Chief would have to be directly over the patrol....
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