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I feel that people should play a proactive role in persevering regions that are threatened by human encroachment. This proactive role can be anything from donations to actually visiting these areas to volunteer time to help. When it comes to donations you are wondering which group should I help there are so many competing to help. I say why, should they compete when they are trying to accomplish the same goal. These groups can help balance their competing by helping each other on money and in the court rooms. When it comes to habitats outside the United States there are other groups trying to help. The groups in the U.S. could provide manpower and money to help these groups to accomplish these goals.
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Unformatted text preview: As human beings we all have the right to interfere with other nations choices on how it manages it lands. I feel this way because their lands can directly affect our lives and how we live. As for the Bolivia government’s choice to destroy millions of acres of rain forest, I think is a bad idea. I know their intentions are good with trying to help their people. However, without replanting these forests the world’s co2 levels will rise and the oxygen level will drop severely. Causing problems around the world for everyone....
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