Capstone end of cold war checkpoint

Capstone end of cold war checkpoint - that the over all...

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The best way that I can explain the U.S.’s role in the emerging global community would be to serve the world countries so that they may become allies for future dates. If we give supplies, military support and other different helping hands then when we need help they will be there to help us. It does not matter if it is for natural disasters, military conflict, or just needing help. They will be there to help us. Also, the U.S. is one of the leading consumer goods purchasers. That means that we will buy other countries goods. This leads to increasing other countries economies. By boosting their economies we can increase world stability. This means
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Unformatted text preview: that the over all buying power of the world will stay at higher levels so everyone has the ability to sustain their countries growth. With out this sustainment then the global community will collapse. For example when China closed their boarders to trading and economic growth, they almost collapsed. When they finally opened back up for trade they were so far behind they had trouble keeping up with the rest of the world. With out the U.S. playing their role none of this would be possible....
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