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prison overcrowding

prison overcrowding - to me feels like due to the current...

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The article states that the reason the prisons are being overcrowded is because of the war on drugs. In the early 1960’s the society demanded that the police take more action to prevent crimes. This demand is what started the prison to fill up for every crime that could be thought of. This also required for the judges to give stiffer sentences for even minor crimes. This caused many of the prison to start to take on more inmates. In addition, with George Bush’s war on drugs in 1990’s increased the population of prisons as well and is still increasing the population. Most of the offenders are drug related criminals. Even today drug related crimes are the reason that many prisons are still increasing and overflowing on their population. The article also talks about the debate on to build more prisons or to find alternative ways of sentencing. The article seems to lean more towards different ways of sentencing. The author
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Unformatted text preview: to me feels like due to the current money status of the government. [“States seek short-term fixes to crowding problems” Tough-sentencing supporters say more prisons are needed”], ICOF. This is a major debate on which should be done. [Sen. Phil Gramm (R, Texas) says, “That prisoners should be made to work 10 hours a day to boost the manufacturing industry.”], ICOF. I feel this would also be a great alternative, because they can swap which prisoners work days and which work nights. This would reduce the number of cells needed to house the prisoners by almost half. This article also gives a lot of very good statistics on prison over crowding to prove their point. Reference and Resource Page ICOF, Prison Overcrowding, Issues & Controversies on File: n. page, Issues & Controversies . Facts On File News Services, 15 July 2009, Web. 27 Oct. 2009, http://www.2facts.com/article/i0900010...
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prison overcrowding - to me feels like due to the current...

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