The purpose of jails in today

The purpose of jails in today - out jails the accused would...

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The purpose of jails in today’s society is to hold criminals until they can go through due process and be found guilty or not, or until bail is set. In addition, jails are also used to hold minor offenders of lesser crimes. This allows them to serve their short term sentencing without having to be in a prison. In a way it allows for a population break in prisons, since the jail will slow down the prison population slightly. With out jails the U.S. would not have a place to hold people that have committed a crime. They would be on the outside in society awaiting their trials. With this information that I have provide I do feel that jails are an effective system. With
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Unformatted text preview: out jails the accused would be able to stay out in public and potentially harm others while awaiting trial. This would create a whole different problem for society. Many of offenders that are actually serving time in a jail are extremely minor crimes. When they go in to jail the offender feel that this will be a free ride. However, what they find out is they will have to pay anywhere from $60 up per day. This also creates revenue for the state and city to upgrade and increase their holding potential without tax payers having to pay for it out of pocket. For these reason I do feel it is an effective system....
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