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vietnam war - tnam War merican Experience Since 1945 There...

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etnam War American Experience Since 1945 October 11, 2009
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There were many issues for everyone during the Vietnam War to become unrest about. In the 1970’s it had already been more than fives years into the war when Nixon took office. During this time, Nixon immediately wanted to progress the war from just Vietnam on to Cambodia. Nobody knew who was the enemy or was friendly, not even the soldiers fighting the war. The word about not knowing who the real enemy was spread all the way back to the United States. This was one reason why the students became upset. When the student in the United States heard how the soldiers were killing, innocent people and then president Nixon spread the war. They then charged Nixon with destroying the Constitution; they demonstrated this by burning copies of the Constitution out of history books. With this demonstration the students then went too far, went out to the nearby town, and started a mob that was destroying the town. This would also include burning down and even a ROTC building. When the governor heard about the rioting, he ordered the National Guard in to eradicate the problem. The governor felt that student who disagreed with the government were the worst type
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