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week 7 day 4 history

week 7 day 4 history - matter With his conservative...

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Regan felt that the government was the problem not the solution. So he limited the government by cutting funds all across the board. This allowed him to give more money to the military. In addition, Reagan economics cut taxes as well. With these tax cuts it allowed for the economy to boom. With this boom the economy ended up putting more money in taxes by buying and spending more. Thus the government was getting more money. However, the increase in money got Regan thinking. He then became one of the first presidents to spend more money than what the government had saved. His thinking was that a deficit in the budget did not
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Unformatted text preview: matter. With his conservative politics he became loved by the people because they were paying fewer taxes. At the time it worked. Regan wanted to weaken big government. Regan also championed for social conservatives, allow prayer in public school, right to life, and the end to affirmative action. In addition, Regan also wanted to combat inflation. The only way he would do this was his way. He favored high unemployment rates and weaken labor unions. Regan also hired James Watt to open up federal lands for private development. To me Regan’s polices kept the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer....
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