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I do feel that intermediate sanctions are an appropriate punishment, as long as there are enough special officers to enforce them. Intermediate sanctions are used to reduce over crowded prisons. In addition, intermediate sanctions are more productive in society. Intermediate sanctions also allow for the offender to serve an active role in society instead of having to just sit in prisons. House arrest allows for the offender to hold a job. Day reporting also allows for a job except without having to be contained in their home. Day reporting also will usually make the offender take a drug test according to the reporting agencies needs. ISP
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Unformatted text preview: (intensive supervision probation) is like the day centers except there is more interaction between the offender and officers. Shock incarceration is not as widely used today however, it was effective. Shock incarceration is basically scaring the person into not wanting to commit crimes again. Today it is widely known from the Oprah Winfrey show as boot camp mainly for juveniles. All of these treatments can be combined with each other and with jail time. In addition, it will usually include fines and restitution. With all this information I would have to say that intermediate sanctions are defiantly appropriate and needed....
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