hum week 3 day 7 - Hinduism 1 HUM/130 Hinduism By: Jessie...

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HUM/130 Hinduism 1 Hinduism By: Jessie Lassabe 2/15/2010
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Hinduism 2 Hinduism is a way of life that the individual person wants to attain a higher spiritual life. But what is it? There is not a certain set of beliefs that every Hindu individual follows. So why is it classified as the Hinduism religion? Well these are some of the questions that I am going to try and answer throughout this essay. The term Hinduism came about when India was taken over by the British. The British need some way of taking a census of the people so they decide to classify everyone that practiced in a faith other than their own as Hinduism. The term Hinduism derived from British to label these people who lived near the Indus River. Hindu people do not call themselves or their religion Hinduism. However, their beliefs derived from the ancient Vedic religion. The Vedic religion came before writing so all of the stories have been passed down by word of mouth until writing became evolved to where these stories could be documented. In today’s society some of the Hindu people prefer Sanatana Dharma which means eternal religion. Hinduism is not one set of beliefs but many. These beliefs are composed of many beliefs
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hum week 3 day 7 - Hinduism 1 HUM/130 Hinduism By: Jessie...

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