ECE166 Laboratory 6-Fall 2009

ECE166 Laboratory 6-Fall 2009 - noise amplifiers high gain...

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1 ECE 166 – Microwave Circuits and Systems LABORATORY 6 – Week of November 30-December 4, 2009 Room 4704, EBU-1 Satellite Receivers for DBS, and Tx/Rx Links for Satcom This lab will look into detail in the construction of satellite receivers for DBS and a Tx/Rx link for SATCOM. We will see in detail the oscillators, Wilkinson couplers, low pass and high pass filters, low
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Unformatted text preview: noise amplifiers, high gain amplifiers and power amplifiers, attenuators, biasing networks, zero-R cross-overs, etc. We will also discuss the heterodyne system architecture and the use of mixers. The lab time is 1 hour. Please arrive promptly at your assigned time and immediately give your name to the TA. There will be 11-12 students maximum per lab....
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