ECE166 Laboratory 2-Fall 2010

ECE166 Laboratory 2-Fall 2010 - ECE 166 Microwave Circuits...

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1 ECE 166 – Microwave Circuits and Systems LABORATORY 2 – Week of October 25-27, 2010 Room 4704, EBU-1 FILTERS, S-PARAMETERS, AMPLIFIERS This lab will introduce you to a closer look at filters and amplifiers. We will do the following: 1) Re-measure a low pass and bandpass filter. This time, we will look carefully at the S-parameters and follow their location on the Smith chart when the filter is rejecting (looks reactive) or when it is passing (looks like a 50 ohm with a low VSWR). 2) Measure the S-parameters of a microwave amplifier (50-3000 MHz). Again, clearly see the S-
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