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1 ECE 166 – Microwave Circuits and Systems Homework #6– Friday December 4, 2009 at 5pm (Amplifier Design, Low-Noise Amplifier Design) You will be designing a low-noise amplifier at 5.0 GHz using the Agilent ATF 34143 amplifier. This is a high performance GaAs amplifier with a NF min of 0.4-0.5 dB at 4-5 GHz (all for 10-20 cents, amazing!). All simulations and plots are to be done in ADS at 0.1-10 GHz . The S-parameters are given on the website. Note: ADS can plot many of these parameters for you. See note from the TA on the website. 1) Using the S-parameters for 3 V, 20 mA bias (page 7 in the data sheet), calculate and plot: a) The unilateral coefficient (U), and the upper and lower bounds of the gain in dB (centered at 0 dB). In which frequency region is the unilateral approximation valid? b) The Stability Factor, k and Δ . In which frequency region is the transistor unconditionally stable? c)
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