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1 ECE 166 – Microwave Circuits and Systems Homework #4– Due Tuesday November 9, 2010 Problem 1: Plot the loci of S 11 and S 21 on the Smith Chart from DC to very high frequencies for all the time domain circuits in Problem 2/Hwk2. Do not calculate all the points, just a decent sketch of the loci. Make sure to label the frequency points that can be easily calculated (0, high f, wo, etc.). Note that S 21 can be plotted on the Smith Chart just as a vector with a center at (0,0) (ie, the location for =0). In other words, the S 21 vector tip does not correspond to an impedance, but is just a vector. S 21 can be > 1 in active circuits and therefore, can be outside of the Smith chart. Problem 2: Consider the 3-port network shown below. The line impedance is Z o . a) Calculate the scattering matrix. Use symmetry and reciprocity to simplify your calculations. What is the power dissipated in the network when all ports are matched? You can do the power loss using the S-matrix and not circuit analysis. b)
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