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ECE166 hwk2-Fall 2009

ECE166 hwk2-Fall 2009 - ECE 166 Microwave Circuits and...

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1 ECE 166 – Microwave Circuits and Systems Homework #2– Due Thursday October 22, 2009 1. Consider a transmission line with length l, Zg=0, Z=inf, and with Vg=u(t). The line is lossless. a) Calculate and plot the voltage in the middle of the line (point B). b) Redo (a) but assume that the line has a voltage loss of 0.1 (e −α l =0.1). 2. On a single 50 Ω Smith Chart, plot the following impedance points (Smith chart exercises for the mind and spirit). DO NOT USE A CALCULATOR, only the Smith Chart. Z A = 20-j80 Ω (what is Γ A ? What is y A - normalized) Γ B = 0.6 120 ° (what is ZB? What is y B – normalized) Z C = 30 – j30 Ω in series with 80 + j50 Ω (what is Z C )? Z D which is composed of (30 + j80) in parallel with (50 – j50) Ω . (what is Γ D ? What is y D - normalized) Z E is Z A but with a 6 dB attenuator in front of it (what is Γ E ?) Z F is Z A but with 0.15 λ T-line in front of it (What is Γ F ?) All the locations for VSWR = 1.6 (what is Γ ?) 3. This problem is to show you the impedance loci of real components used at microwave frequencies.
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