M171L_1_M171L_F_10_ Syillabus (2)

M171L_1_M171L_F_10_ Syillabus (2) - 1 UNIVERSITY OF...

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EE M 171L Data Communication Systems Laboratory Fall 2010 Instructor Revaz Dzhanidze 3732 K BH Ph: 44-579 revazd@cs.ucla.edu TA: Tsung-Yi (Steven) 3704 BH Ph: 58-659 steventychen@ucla.edu Reader Siddharth Mundle 3704 BH Ph: 58-659 siddharthmundle@ucla.edu The objective of the course is three-fold: To confirm theoretical concepts relevant to digital data communications by performing a series of laboratory experiments; To provide hands-on experience with a number of important laboratory equipments; To gain experience in preparing formal technical reports describing laboratory experiments. Location and Calendar Classroom 2 hours: 3704 BH Thursday 12:00-1:50 pm Laboratory 5 hours: 3704 BH Tuesdays: 10:00-11:50 pm (2 Units); 12:00-1:50 pm (4 Units) Office Hours: 2 hours (tentative) Professor 1 1:00-12:00 pm; Thursdays 3732K, or 3704 BH, and by Appointment Additional lab time may be scheduled by appointment with the Professor. Units: EE M 171L – 2; or 4 units; No Midterms, No Finals. Workload Each of the labs estimate: 2 hours class room, 6 hours lab exercise, 4 hours outside study. Homework The (Pre-laboratory) HW should be typed and spell-checked ( no hand-written HW will be accepted ). HW should be written up independently, and any other students involved in HW discussion should be noted on the HW. However, copying of HW will not be permitted only general ideas, which must be credited. HW must be completed correctly (using equation editor) before the student can begin the experiment session. Each student should complete them at home before coming to the lab. HW should be left in the TA mailbox at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the corresponding lab. They will be evaluated before you begin the experiments. If you have any questions, consult Professors during office hours. No one will be allowed to start an experiment without his/her HW checked off by Professor. 1
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M171L_1_M171L_F_10_ Syillabus (2) - 1 UNIVERSITY OF...

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