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M171L_1_RDS_template_F_10 (1) - error in the modulated...

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EE/CS M171L Fall 2010 Raw Data Sheet Student Name: Partners Name: Lab 2: Signal Modulation
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Date 2010/04/20 2. Observation: Write a short and clear description of the main goals of lab experiments.  Discuss the main results (qualitative and quantitative). Include as much information as you could. This will help you better  prepare your lab report later on. It will become difficult to recall what you  observed two days before the report is due. For e.g. I observe that little error in the baseband signal would cause large 
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Unformatted text preview: error in the modulated signal due to…etc. 3. Lab Results with error calculation: Attach all the raw data, sigma section from the handout (tear/ remove from lab manual) and all the printouts. 4. Goals and the results # Main Goals Results with error 1 2 Fill out the main goals. They are in your lab manual. Briefly describe what you get and what errors do you get....
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M171L_1_RDS_template_F_10 (1) - error in the modulated...

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