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VirtualLab_Equilibrium - 2 Reset the model increase...

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Lab: Online Equilibrium Experiments 1) http://mc2.cchem.berkeley.edu/Java/equilibrium/index.html For this experiment you may find this helpful: #red/#blue = redness, or #blue/#red = blueness. a) Is the forward reaction exothermic or endothermic? Give supporting data (detailed) [3] and relate your answer to Le Chatelier’s principle. [2] b) Using the default settings, hit the equilibrate button. i) It seems that red turn to blue more than blue turns to red at the start (before equilibrium is reached). What is it called when the rate of the forward reaction (eventually) equals that of the backwards reaction? [1] ii) How do you know this has happened? [1] iii) Is it ok that the concentrations of red and blue are not the same at equilibrium or is this an error in the model? [1] iv) Has the reaction stopped at equilibrium? [1] How do you know? [2]
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Reset the model, increase temperature to the maximum, and hit equilibrate (max temp gives us more collisions and reduces time to get equilibrium). At equilibrium press pause, and increase the red to the maximum. Le Chatlalier ‘s principle expects the solution to turn blue(er). Give quantitative data to support this. [3] 3) Repeat the above step but add blue to the maximum, (not red). Explain the limit of this java model. [3] Go to http://www.chm.davidson.edu/ronutt/che115/EquKin/EquKin.htm and answer the questions. Yes I know he has the answers there too, yes I did cheat too, no you should try them first on your own, no you do not need to type the answers here, yes I know you would have cut and pasted, yes you can check the answers when you are done. Phew...
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