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BIO 2401 RESPIRATORY SYSTEM page 1 RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Cellular Respiration metabolic processes in cell produce ATP requires oxygen (mostly); gives off carbon dioxide as waste product Major Function of Respiratory System does this via ventilation (air movement in/out) of lungs and gas exchange with blood and air sacs of lung respiratory Surface = site of gas exchange = bronchioles, alveolar ducts, alveoli other functions: conducting passageways with no gas exchange – provide fairly rigid conduits for air to reach sites of gas exchange and while air is passing through, it is cleaned, warmed and humidified Major Organs of Respiratory System nose and nasal cavity houses olfactory receptors, is resonating center for speech external nose – includes roof, bridge, dorsum nasi nasal cavity – lies within external nose; is posterior region divided by septum external nares = nostrils; entranceway into nasal cavity vestibule = part of nasal cavity superior to nostrils; lined with skin having sebaceous and sweat glands, as well as hair follicles hair = vibrissae; used to filter coarse particles from inspired air nasal septum – formed anteriorly by hyaline cartilage and posteriorly by vomer and perpendicular plate of ethymoid bone superior meatus = olfactory mucosa = conchae middle meatus = conchae inferior meatus = conchae paranasal sinuses: found in frontal, sphenoid, ethmoid, and maxillary bones lighten the skull warm and moisten air produce mucus that flows into nasal cavity pharynx esophagus inferiorly = throat nasopharynx – posterior to nasal cavity; is air passageway only; epithelium produces mucus; houses the pharyngeal tonsils oropharynx – posterior to and continuous with oral cavity; is both air and food passageway; laryngopharynx
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