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Syllabus ESCE-4670 Computer Communications Networks (CCN) Fall 2007 Instructor: Prof. Koushik Kar Electrical, Computer & Systems Engineering Office: JEC 6048 Phone: 518-276-2653 Email: WWW: Class times: Mon, Thu: 12:30-1:50pm Format: Classes: 14 weeks, 28 sessions Homeworks: 9 Exams: 3 (Two mid-semester exams, and one final exam.) Course Description: Introduction to the basic concepts of computer and communication networks, like flow control, congestion control, end-to-end reliability, routing, framing, error-recovery, multiple access and statistical multiplexing. In-depth presentation of the different networking layers, with emphasis on the Internet reference model. Protocols and architectures such as the TCP, IP, Ethernet, wireless networks etc. are described in order to illustrate important networking concepts. Introduction to quantitative analysis and modeling of networks . Prerequisites/Corequisites: Basic understanding of computer components and operations (as in ECSE-2610) and elementary probability (as in ECSE-4500, MATH-2800 or ENGR-2600) are required . Students can be taking this course and ECSE-4500 at the same time. Basic understanding of computer organization and operating systems (as in ECSE-2660) is desirable , but not required. Text: Required J.F. Kurose, K.W. Ross, Computer Networking, A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet ( 3rd Ed. ), Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-321-22735-2 . Publisher’s Web Page:
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ccn-syllabus - Syllabus ESCE-4670 Computer Communications...

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