BIMM130Midterm1 key

BIMM130Midterm1 key - Profl IVtilton H Saier Jr October...

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Unformatted text preview: //, * Profl IVtilton H. Saier Jr. October 23'd, 2009 Name: PID: BIMM 130: Microbial Physiology Midterm Exam # I Fall Quarter 2009 'Ihe lr.tnsmigrdtion ol lile tuke$ place in one's min.L What onc thinks, that he becomes. fhis is the my;tcry oJ Eterniry. " liom the lvlatitri Up&nishad Instructions: There are I I questions worth from 5-15 points plus. Total possible score is I l5 points, but the exam will be worth 100 points. So this gives you some extra credit possibilities. Please think carefully and provide concise answers to the questions in the space provided. Question # Points Possible Points Eamed 5 2 8 3 t_s 4 l.-) 5 t5 ( 6 1 rl 8 t0 9 l0 l0 t2 It t2 Total: I 15 lYhal ., piece olvork is mdn! Ihw noble in reu,son! I kN inf ni te in.focxlty ! In/orm tul noving hov .rpres.s oml *luirohle! Ihe ptragon ofaninals!- Shflkespeare I he Ltnt hnlu lotn liom lwoven on dl no*ind b.\ec ifd y rtct r/iiel.y, il dtty .\tch oul ()dl. Iht dll te li:tklul, dll dre rollen to the Lorc; nol one th>* tnthing good ,tr. tkrl lr'trt r)tle- l'sillms l-l l'rtgc lrrt ll I l) what human proteins have the same fold (3D-structure) as the fimbrial chaperone' PapD? What are the implications of this tinding? (5 points) T n-^-7/"4*'/oar': InZ f")/"-'-Z**a @ /-7^) 2\ Helicobacter pyloli causes two human diseases' (8pts) (a)What are they? Atcer ///.nrt. (b) lt has a single cell surface adhesin that recognizes a terminal sugar in two blood group glycoproteins. What are they? o /u*;' (c) What happens to a person who lacks these two blood group glycoproteins?...
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This note was uploaded on 01/09/2011 for the course BIMM 130 taught by Professor Saier during the Fall '10 term at UCSD.

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BIMM130Midterm1 key - Profl IVtilton H Saier Jr October...

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