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Problem Set 2 Chemistry 173a/268a Fall 2009 Due: Oct 26, 2009 1. (8 points) Determine the Mulliken symbols for the following orbitals in the given point group. a) D 2h (principal axis coming out of the page) b) D 2h c) D 4h d) D 3h 2. (4 points) Using a suitable example show that the symmetry operations (a) inversion and S 2 improper rotation are equivalent and (b) reflection through a plane and S 1 improper rotation are equivalent. 3. (5 points) Determine which irreducible representations are contained within the following reducible representation (in C 4v symmetry). C 4v E C 4 C 2 σ v σ d Γ RR 9 3 1 1 -1 4. (6 points) (a) Given the set of operations {E, C 4 , σ h }, determine the other operations that must be present to form a complete point group. [Hint: Consider all of the products of the given elements with themselves and each other.] (b) (2 points) Identify the point group for the complete set of operations. (c) (1 point) What is the order of the point group? 5. (7 points) Draw the Lewis dot structures for the following molecules: (a) ClF
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