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Outside Speech Analysis View an outside speech. You may choose to attend a live event or you may choose a professional speech on tape or on TV. Be sure that you are evaluating an actual speech and not another type of performance. Answer the questions below. Turn in a typed copy of your responses (with the questions re-typed) during the third class meeting. 1. What was the topic of the speech? 2. Did the speaker preview his or her main points in the introduction? yes no 3. List the main points developed in the speech: 4. Were the speaker's main points clear and easy to follow? Why or why not? 5. What types of supporting materials (examples, statistics, testimony) did the speaker use? Be specific. 6. Did the speaker use transitions? If so, which ones? 7. Which of the following methods of referring to the central idea did the speaker use in the conclusion?
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Unformatted text preview: Restate the main points Make a dramatic statement Challenge the audience End with a quotation Refer to the introduction Call for action 8. Record your observations about the speaker's voice, including volume, pitch, rate, pauses, vocal variety, pronunciation, and articulation: 9. Record your observations about the speaker's physical action , including personal appearance, movement, gestures, and eye contact: 10. Evaluate the speaker's overall delivery , explaining how it added to or detracted from the message: 11. Explain at least two things the speaker did in the speech—in terms of content or delivery—that you might want to do (or to avoid) in your next speech....
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