Preparing and organizing the Outline for Speech 1

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Preparing and organizing the Outline for Speech 1/Personal Success-Experience Starting to prepare the outline for the first speech will be an easy task if you apply several pri nciples to the preparation: 1) Know who your audience is--in general, the students will be contemporary college students living in Columbus, Ohio and at ease with on-line learning. 2) Look at the outlines in the chapters of the book--especially the chapters that apply to the first speech: CH's 8, 9, 10 and ch's 1-5 which describe the basic theory of speech-making.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Make sure you understand the difference between choosing a topic and writing a thesis/central idea for your speech outline. Topics are general such as "My Dog Spot"--but your thesis/central idea would be "Teaching my Dog Spot to obey simple commands wasn't as simple or easy as it sounds." 4) Send me a rough draft of Speech 1 so I can help you sharpen and direct your speech//be sure to put your title, topic, audience, central idea and the general outline which would follow communicating your ideas....
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