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Speech Rehearsal Lab Assignment You are required to perform a taped rehearsal of either your first or second speech at the Speech Rehearsal Lab in 017 Nestor Hall. This assignment is worth 50 points. Read closely the following guidelines: Select either your first or second speech for this formal rehearsal for credit. You will not receive credit for a taped rehearsal of the third speech. All rehearsals, to receive credit, must be completed at least 24 hrs. prior to your speech deadline . Schedule an appointment at the Speech Rehearsal Lab in 017 Nestor Hall by accessing the online appointment system at www.speechhelp.org. Make an appointment for 2-5 days before your final taping of the piece. The Lab becomes crowded early in the term, so make your appointment early in the quarter and keep it. The Lab opens the second week of the term. Rehearse your speech at home, often, and with an audience, until you feel confident that
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Unformatted text preview: you can perform it well. • Bring your full preparation outline and your syllabus to the tutoring session. The tutors will not record your rehearsal without this outline. • Plan to arrive promptly for your appointment as it should take the full 30 minutes. Suggest that the speech coach read your outline before taping. Discuss your performance objectives as well before the taping. Perform the rehearsal with confidence. • View this speech rehearsal with the coach and accept the tutor's critical feedback. • If you do not complete the assignments satisfactorily, according to the tutor, you will be notified and required to repeat the assignment. • Please note that if you use the Speech Rehearsal Lab to record the speech that you turn in to me, this does not satisfy the Lab requirement....
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