Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 I WHAT IS SOCIOLOGY a systematic...

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Chapter 1 I. WHAT IS SOCIOLOGY? – a systematic study of social behaviors and human groups. -relationship between the individuals and society. -consequences of difference -the essential wisdom of sociology is the social world guides our actions, thoughts feelings an Quatitive is the number (think quality) 1. average, counts, ect 2. ex. Roughly half of the 7000 lang spoken globally are only knon 10,000 people or less. Qualitative is words II. the individual- creative stubborn ind Ind generally follow guidelines for behavior, but they can at times reject them AGENCY= the freedom to choose and act But ther are alays conquences and often limitations Iii Society 1. the study of society, or our social environment, is at the core of sociology 2. social institutions are often invisible but guide our actions(think of building design) 3. Nested ithin social institutions: 1. Catergories(African Americans,Caucasians) 2. Groups (children,blue-collar workers) 3. Sub groups(layers,elders,grade schooler) 4. Status (I’am a ….____________) 4. The consequences od difference Sociology looks at how resources are distributed and the consequences of those distibuteds 1. life and death during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami 10 men for every 1 oman survived 2. One of the main task is of sociology is to reveal and report the degee of…. 3. Social Inequality= condition in which members of society having differing amounts of ealth, prestige, and power. 4. Sociology allos us to see our real limitations and opportunities. A. The Sociological Imagination-awareness of the relationship between an individual and the wider society, both today and in the past. 1. C. Wright Mills: the ability to view one’s own society as an outsider (cockfighting in Bali) 2. requires giving up the idea that we alone make the choices in our lives for the strange-feeling idea that our choices are shaped & guided by social forces. 3. You may play the hand but society dealt the cards. 4. private troubles/public issues( social problems) 5. seeing how crisis can help see how socity shapes ind lives. 6. all “personal choices are made in a social context. Ex.- how many kids you will have. U.S-2 kids, Niger-7-8 kids China-1 7. see how society (and history) shapes our lives 8. real opportunities and restrictions 9. see society as the cause of social problems instead of ind personal failing
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10.our lives are more connected ith and interdependent upon diverse groups of people around the world 11.their beliefs anf practices may be quit different from our own B. The Hamburger as Miracle- What it takes to make from wild cow on…. C. Key Components of Sociology
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 I WHAT IS SOCIOLOGY a systematic...

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