Chapter 6 outline - Chapter 6 - Deviance LEARNING...

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Chapter 6 - Deviance LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1. Define and discuss the elements of social control.- a. conformity and obedience-power vs non power b. electric shock experiment c. normal people could do things we would not normally do 2. Discuss informal and formal social control. a. formal-authorized agents to deal with you-police, boss b. informal- peer pressure 3. Define deviance and social stigma.- 4. Discuss the various sociological perspectives on deviance and crime. Durheims basic insight-is functional-affirms cultural values and norms “todays devience could be tomorrows morality” Their would be flowers ithout weeds. Responding to deviance clarifies moral boundaries. Response to 9/11 shared outrage Deviance encourages social change Merton’s strain theory- devience happens when culture defines goals but then doesn’t make the means available to everyone. 1. Conformity-use conventional means to get conventional goals 2. Innovation- use unconventional means to get conventiaonal goals 3. Ritualism 4. retreatism 5. Rebellion- 5. Describe the various types of crime. a. White collar crime b. criminal crime c. corporate crime d. crimes against the person e. crimes against property f. victimless crimes 6. Discuss the nature and extent of crime in the United States. Law and society-social institutions-creation of law is social progress in response to perceive needs for formal social control legal order will follow society Race and Class-Colman- dwb-driving while black. 1. differential justice Shaped by society 1. varies according to cultural norm
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2. others define them 3. social power-use lawyers 4. Who did it? What behavior is? 1. what was done? 2.
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Chapter 6 outline - Chapter 6 - Deviance LEARNING...

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