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Check Point - Defining Race and Ethnic Group

Check Point - Defining Race and Ethnic Group - These...

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Race is a human definition of skin color and physical features. In America, we are so easy to classify a race just by looking at a person’s skin color and hair texture. In other countries, such as Grand Cayman as it is harder to tell a distinct race by skin color being that it is a hot country. Examples of race will include Whites, Blacks, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Chinese, etc. Ethnicity is a cultural and physical background. Ethnicity classifies people into groups that are considered different from others. American groups for example can be American Indians, Latinos, Chinese, African Americans, European Americans, etc. Some people confuse minority as an ethic group. However, ethnic groups can be a majority or minority.
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Unformatted text preview: These concepts are so important in the United States because many times, their race or ethnic group that may not even be hired for a job so often classifies people. There are so many different stereotypes about races in the United States. For example, many Whites are considered rich or wealthy, when Blacks and Latinos are considered poor and living in poverty. In the United States, so many different cultures, races, and ethnic groups come from all over the world that we have the mindset to judge one by their skin color and ethnic group. This is really nothing to be proud of because everyone should be judge and treated the same. This is why this country is considered a melting pot....
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