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Check Point - Modern Challenges in Immigration

Check Point - Modern Challenges in Immigration - the...

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There is no perfect solution to the complex, wrenching decisions that need to be made regarding the United States immigration policies. However, the decision must be made both by broad, quota-based policies, and through case-by-case review of applications with certain extenuating circumstances. The best solution in this difficult area of foreign policy is two sided, based on the atomistic and organic views of society. The atomistic view of society contends that each of us is an individual acting in our own interests completely independently of others. This view ties in with the social theory of survival of the fittest, a philosophical interpretation of Darwin's findings. In accordance with this view, it is in the best interests of the United States to accept the most successful applicants, meaning those with the best education, most wealth, and
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Unformatted text preview: the healthiest to join and strengthen our population. However, this choice should balance out with an equal number of applicants admitted based on the theory of an organic society. This theory contends that the social fabric includes every person, and what is done to or by one member affects the entire population. Therefore, we must also allocate citizenship rights to those who need it most, meaning the poorest, most oppressed, least skilled members of the global community because by improving their situation, we are improving ourselves as a collective. Based on these premises, no merit should be given or denied an applicant based solely on their country of origin. The even application of these two policies alone would provide an excellent foundation on which to base citizenship decisions....
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