Check Point - The Impact of HRM

Check Point - The Impact of HRM - job well done This can be...

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Check Point: The Impact of HRM Training and Development I these section of the Discussion Question, I think that creating a training and development plan for each employee. This would affect a company in many ways for, the a better company. The more an employee trains and developes in the area in which they will work, the more they will be able to accomplish without any assistance. Any kind of new training and development is good in a company, as this will teach current and new employees any changes with programs, or procedures. This will add value to the group of employee’s knowledge, which will help the depth and industry, and growth of a company. Performance and Appraisal, the best way I think is to give a bonus check to the employees for a
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Unformatted text preview: job well done. This can be done semi-annually or annually. I also, think giving out awards and certificates monthly will keep all employees safe and happy. Decide how to distribute rewards, such as salaries, bonuses, and promotions to employees. Gives employees information about their strengths and weaknesses, make decisions about which employees could benefit from additional training. Furthered the company’s goals by align their performance with the company’s overall business model. All of these things above are good to have in any company. I feel that any company can benefit from these things....
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