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Good selection decisions make a difference in the type of employee that you hire. If you make a bad selection then you will see the results of this as well. That is why it is very important, to choose the right method of selection tools for the jobs that need filling. Selection will reduce the amount of applicants that you have to choose from and may give you the cream of the crop in which to pick the best-qualified candidate. The people involved in the selection process can be one, two, or several. Usually in larger companies, the Human Resource Department will make the initial screening of the applicants. Once the initial candidates are chose it is then up to the line managers to decided who they want to hire into their areas. This is why it is important for the line managers to know about the practices of the selection process. Line managers should have enough information in order to make a sound selection about the candidates. Three selection tools to consider when looking hiring personnel for a supermarket are, completing an application, holding an interview, and providing references. The reasons for choosing these three selections are to come. Being able to fill out an application shows a lot. It allows you to see if the person is able to read and understand the English language. Working in a supermarket will require the ability to know the English language due to all the advertising on the product. If an applicant can fill out an application without too many problems then you know they are at least competent enough to be able to work in the supermarket. The interview process is very important. This is one of the most important parts of the selection process. Conducting an interview allows you to meet the potential candidate and allow you to make an impression about the individual. One may want to see if the candidate matches
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up to what he/she has put on the application. The interview gives you a perfect opportunity to ask questions and inquire about what is on the application. It also gives you a chance to see how the individual presents himself or herself. Is this person dirty or sloppy? Do they take pride in their
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Assignment - Selection Tools - Good selection decisions...

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