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Check Point - Change Management - performance”(Snell 2007...

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Large firms and small firms could utilize change management concepts to meet growing technology demands by enhancing and reviewing sales policies, administration policies, production policies, and delivery policies. This purpose would be to review what changes could be made through automation, software and other modern technology. McDonald’s fast foods qualify as a large company. When McDonald’s business started to grow they installed drive in windows, issued wireless microphones to attendants inside and outside, installed computer automated cooking systems, and computer monitors in all processing areas. This is a” reactive change, change that occurs after external forces have already affected
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Unformatted text preview: performance” (Snell, 2007) A small company such as Bill Carpet Barn would set up a Website where customers can make appointments, and make payments. This is in addition to normal store hours, in which have not be able to keep up with customer demand. This is an example of “proactive change, initiated to take advantage of targeted opportunities.” (Snell, 2007) Some of the pitfalls to avoid in implementing change are “Not hiring or involving minorities.” It is also important to treat all employees equally. No one should be treated differently because of race, ethnic background, or age as all of these are considered discrimination....
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