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Check Point - Deloitte & Touche - 1. How did the...

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1. The problems at Deloitte and Touché occurred in the first place, because fifty percent of the new hires were women. They were waiting for the all the women in the pipeline to start making bids on the partnership. Instead of seeing an increase in the bidding for the position of partner-ship, they saw a decrease. The reason all the women were leaving is because of three reasons (1) a work environment that limited the opportunity for advancement, (2) exclusion from mentoring and networking, and (3) work and family issues. 2. Did their changes fix the problems? Explain Yes, their changes did indeed fix the underlying problems. They made changes such as renewed commitment to flexible work arrangements, reduced workload, and flextime. The firm also, developed plans for networking and formal career planning for the women. The firm paid for all workshops that the employees attended. 3. What other advice would you give their managers?
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Check Point - Deloitte & Touche - 1. How did the...

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