Check Point - External Effects on Workplace Health and Safety

Check Point - External Effects on Workplace Health and Safety

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The emotional and physical aspects of a person’s life may influence the employee’s effectiveness in the work environment. When the employee has an issue in the home or family it can carry over to the work place. In addition, there are life’s daily hassles, or stress and stressors. The different ways an employer can assist an employee in dealing with emotional and physical aspects of life are: 1. Building Better Health: a. Ensuring healthful Employees b. Alternative Approaches to Health
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Unformatted text preview: c. Promoting Workplace Fitness and Health 2. Employee Assistance Program: a. Personal Crises in house counseling or referral to outside counseling b. Emotional Problems managers and supervisors need to be good listeners c. Alcoholism speak to the employee and give him or her a warning and then if continued take disciplinarily actions as seen fit d. Abuse of Illegal Drugs Provide a Drug free work place...
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