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Check Point - Job Description - A job description for a...

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Unformatted text preview: A job description for a high school librarian: The individual in this job position should possess computer skills (hardware and software operations), processing information, such as categorizing, coding and tabulating information, and/or data. A librarian should be able to accurately and clearly communicate in any language, while knowing how to critically think and reason. Along with communication skills, the librarian must have strong customer and personnel skills, and know how to meet the customer’s needs. The librarian has knowledge of business management, resource allocation, and be service oriented. The tasks a librarian will perform would be searching reference materials for library patrons and aiding them in finding what information they are seeking. The librarian will check books in as customer return them, as well as checking them out. He/she will keep record of the materials in circulation at the library, while coding and classifying catalogs, books, audio visual aids, and...
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Check Point - Job Description - A job description for a...

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