Check Point - Performance Appraisal

Check Point - Performance Appraisal - that every employee...

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The two aspects of a performance appraisal that I have chosen from the list are Strategic Relevance and Criterion Deficiency. Not everyone agrees about how or if performance appraisals should be used. Each company uses a different kind of performance appraisal for their employees. Many think that performance appraisals are effective, but at the same time, “a growing potential”. (Bohlander & Snell, S.A., 2007, p. 348). Strategic Relevance The strategic relevance of an appraisal is difficult to enact if employees are not explained what the company’s goals, visions, and values are. For an employee to be willing to give 100% of their effort, they need to understand what the goals are and why they are important. We need every employee to participate to meet our goals. It is the manager’s responsibility to make sure
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Unformatted text preview: that every employee has the skills, knowledge, and ability to contribute their share to achieving the company’s goals. If the employee does not step up to this challenge, not every employee can do their best, and the organization will suffer with loss of customers and income. The employees also pay the consequences people can be fired or laid off if the company does not meet its goals. Criterion Deficiency The criterion measure of the evaluation must include all elements of a job’s performance or criterion deficiency results. This is at its worse if the manager forgets to include important information on the employee’s appraisal. This might make the employer look biased and might cost the company a goal employee. The employee, also, will not get credit that they deserve for their work and experience....
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Check Point - Performance Appraisal - that every employee...

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