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Check Point - Recruitment Methods - that apply for the...

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The recruitment is a process through which people; are sourced, screened, and selected for a job position available within an organization. There are different ways for conducting the recruitment process and any of them can be adopted for the best results. The internal way of which recruitment can be made is in-house recruitment. In this process, employees from within the organization; are promoted or selected for a position that is opening or becoming available. The advantage of having on internal recruitment is that the person that is interviewing already knows how each person that applies for the position. The disadvantages are the people
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Unformatted text preview: that apply for the position may get mad when not hired and the person that is hired may not perform the duties as they did in the other position that he or she had before the move. The external ways through which recruitment can be made are advertising, job fairs, and seeking on-line candidates. The advantage of an external recruitment is the person that you are looking for to fill the position will have all the knowledge for the position available. The disadvantage that comes with external recruitment is that everyone that thinks they can do the job will apply or send in a resume for the position that is available....
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