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law case 1 - 1 In this given scenario the Supreme Court has...

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1) In this given scenario, the Supreme Court has given separate decisions and ruled that minority applicants are bounded when it comes to applying for university admissions, and hence, has narrowed the impact that race possesses in students’ selection. Accordingly, The University of Michigan used a court-approved program, which lessens the significance of race on the admissions decision-making process. However, the high court has seized the point system that the University has used for its undergraduate programs. In fact, according to research, the law school program by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor offered a vote of 5-4 by siding with liberal jurists, and an overturn of 6- 3 had resulted in the undergraduate program. Those two Michigan cases only address public, tax related institutions, whereas the court’s decision is most likely to affect private colleges, the business world, and other government decision- making, all for the sake of minority enrollment without the violation of the
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