Chapter 12 Summary and terms

Chapter 12 Summary and terms - Chapter 12 1 Chapter 12...

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Chapter 12 Chapter 12 Summary Our cultural presuppositions are more often rooted in our social constructions of what is natural than in biological limitations. Sociologists distinguish between sex and gender. Traditional gender roles have been influential in the socialization of children in the United States. The prevalence of homophobia gives us a sense of how important maintaining a clear line between masculinity and femininity is in our culture. Gender-role socialization occurs through the influences of parents, older siblings, the mass media, religious and educational institutions, and other adults. Not all cultures divide people into female and male in the same way. Talcott Parsons and Robert Bales argued that families need both an instrumental leader and an expressive leader. Sociologists now contend that such separate abilities are not innate but are instead social constructs. In the United States, women have experienced a consistent pattern of inequality in the workplace, income, housework, politics, and more. This is also true around the world. The feminization of poverty has become a global phenomenon. This systematic pattern of inequality points to the existence of institutional sexism. The feminist movement has fought for equality for women. Aging is another important aspect of socialization. Age stratification varies from culture to culture. Gerontology is the scientific study of the sociological and psychological aspects of
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Chapter 12 Summary and terms - Chapter 12 1 Chapter 12...

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