psy study sheet 4 def - Kimberly Lorenzo PSY 101...

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Kimberly Lorenzo PSY 101 Definitions Personality- a unique combination of characteristics thoughts, feelings and behaviors that comprise an individual. Astrology- oldest known systematic attempt to explain personality. (29bc) Barrum Statements- Meaningless predictions designed to sound meaningful. Broad Phrenology-"Bumps on the head" Profile from measurements on head. Palmistry- Lines on your palm predict your personality and your future. they are guessing- photo copy hand prints Cold Reading- and tell by tension in hand and pupil reading, demographics- non verbal Body-typing theories- persons body build determines personality. William Sheldon--Somatottyping Ectomorph- thin, small-boned, 'wiry" Endomorph- Large boned, "fleshy" Mesomorphs- Athletic, solid, Muscular Conscious-Whatever you are currently aware of (top of iceburg) Preconscious-accessible memory (middle of iceberg ) (not on your mind but can bring out to recall) Unconscious-material that you do not normally have conscious awareness
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This note was uploaded on 01/09/2011 for the course PSY 100 taught by Professor Gahanna during the Fall '10 term at Columbus State Community College.

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psy study sheet 4 def - Kimberly Lorenzo PSY 101...

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