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I chose Industrial Engineering for two reasons. First one- that is more about why I chose engineering over others- is to learn the way of analytical thinking. The other one is IE teaches social aspect of life more than other engineering departments. In IE education, students study these two together and in addition to that they also learn how to combine them. Spending a semester in abroad seems to me a great chance to add more to the things that I’ve been learning here in many ways. One of my main purposes is to get my speaking into the fluent level. As a student of an English based university, I can understand, write and read with some but insignificant problems, however, when you come to the speaking I cannot say the same thing. And as I will spend at least three months in abroad without having a friend who speaks my own language, I will be obliged to speak English and at the end of this period my English will be improved and I believe that this will have a big effect in my academic performance when I come back to Turkey. The other reason why I apply to this program is, it will be a great
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