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ArticleOutlines2 - Intro to Sociology A06 Reading Outlines...

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Intro to Sociology A06 Reading Outlines. Mary Blair-Loy Race, Ethnicity & Immigration Overview Blair Loy “Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration” 151 -Race is a cultural structure. It is socially defined by economic need and power. - Race has profound consequences for life chances. - “Relative valorization”, “civic ostracism” - Education doesn’t lead to upward mobility, meritocracy. - Social psychological nature of bias. Cornell & Hartmann “A Constructionist Approach” 153 Kantor “A Portrait of Change” 179 - Interracial m arriag e leads to strong family ties that disintegrate racial prejudices. But b ec aus e racial prejudices were so stubborn b ack in th e d ay interracial m arriag es re m ained illegal. - Corrice “Unconscious Bias in Faculty and Leadership Recruitment” 315 Race, Ethnicity & Immigration: Focus on Asians and Asian Americans Kim “The Racial Triangulations of Asian Americans” 185 -Two approaches to going beyond black and white: 1) Characterizing of Asians is different for each subordinate group.
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