10-6 (Musical Perception)

10-6 (Musical Perception) - October 6, 2010 Music...

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October 6, 2010 Music Perception Music – older than agriculture… 35,000 years Tone - perceptual response to regularly repeating patterns of periodic sound pressure change over time Naturally occurring sources of periodic sound energy… driven oscillators coupled to resonant bodies (a system that can initiate and sustain vibration) o Animal calls Not really any non-living things that are a source of sound energy Periodic sound energy is typically diagnostic of life o The human voice is the principal source of periodic sound energy to a human listener Over the course of human evolution Over the course of individual development Man-made (musical) sources of periodic sound energy o Vibrating strings (guitar, violin, piano) o Vibrating air columns (flute, trumpet) o Vibrating metal/wood (marimba, xylophone, bell) o Vibrating membranes (drums) o Not that many ways to produce periodic sounds (musical tones)… but within these broad categories there are many different ways/instruments
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10-6 (Musical Perception) - October 6, 2010 Music...

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