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Case Study for Winter 2010: eMarriage Instructions: Read the following case study, then answer the questions that correspond to each chapter. You will respond to one question for each chapter 1-10, be sure to carefully review the grading rubrics that follow each question, each one is designed to fit the specific question. Erin O’Malley sat staring at her computer screen. It had been three years since her husband had died in Iraq, leaving her alone with two young children to support. Alone and frightened, she had shut herself off from the world for awhile. All of her friends still had such “perfect” lives: loving husbands, beautiful homes, talented kids. She had no job, little savings, no husband and no future. Compared to them she felt as though her life had ended. The more she thought about what she had lost, the more depressed and withdrawn she became. Erin’s parents constantly reminded her that they loved her and that she would survive. Valerie, her best friend and a nurse at the local hospital, urged Erin to enroll at the local college and finish her nursing degree. Erin followed Valerie’s advice and completed her degree, eventually finding a job at a local retirement community. Little by little her confidence returned. It was hard being a single mom, but she slowly learned to do many of the things her husband had taken care of: changing the oil in the car, repairing the bathroom faucet, and sharpening the lawn mower blade. She had even successfully renegotiated the mortgage on their home without any help. Though she was not sure she was ready for a new man in her life, she had to admit she was lonely. Being a single parent was hard work, and she was painfully aware the kids missed having their father around. Valerie had recently suggested that Erin start dating again, and mentioned several of her friends at work had met new partners on eInterPersonal .com. She read and reread the words she had written in the post she was working on for eInterPersonal : Attractive, fit WWF, age 34, seeks DWM or WWM for friendship and possible relationship. I love my job, but need more than work in my life. Please like kids, as I have a son (age 9) and a daughter (age 5). Looking for family oriented guy who enjoys weekends with family fun activities! Looking forward to hearing from you. She was afraid she sounded old and nerdy compared to the numerous beautiful single women whose posts she had viewed while looking for ideas on what to say. “Well, here goes nothing,” she said to herself, and clicked on the send button. As Valerie frequently said, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” * * * * * Carlos Garcia sat down at his computer, took a deep breath and logged into eInterPersonal . He still wasn’t sure this was such a good idea. It felt like he was somehow
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cheating on Juanita, although he had been totally faithful to her until her death four years ago. His younger brother Ramon had suggested he check the site out. Carlos knew his brother was right. He had been avoiding the dating scene. Instead he
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eMarriagecom - Case Study for Winter 2010: eMarriage...

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