April 23 - April 23, 2009 Southern Women during the warthey...

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April 23, 2009 Southern Women during the war—they experience loneliness while husbands are off at war. They were surrounded by the war, soldiers, supplies does not reach the south because the railroads are destroyed. They also experience defeat that northern women did not. Soldiers Aid Societies flourished in both the North and South. There were about 20,000 of these organizations. Unlike the north, the south always remained independent societies, always stayed at the local level. Work—overall the confederacy hired fewer women and more slowly, but they did hire a significant amount. The treasury department. They received more money than the soldiers. Just like the north, also have women working in industries. Many were killed and injured during catastrophes. Differences-on the political front, there were no women who acted like anna Dickenson. This is because women’s rights was tied to slavery. What did it mean to be a southern white women on the home front? In the south, hard to differ between home and war front. Slave holding—northern women did not have to deal with. More than likely a woman slave holder had hard time controlling slaves without the man. Hard to get them to complete labor. Women wrote to the federal government or to davis, sending petitions for extra food and for their husbands to be sent home from war. Public concern. Some women expressed frustration by having riots. Bread riots broke into stores or the government warehouses and took food. Most famously, in new Richmond Virginia. Southern white women also faced threat from friendly army and union army. What happens when army shows up at home? Even friendly army will
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April 23 - April 23, 2009 Southern Women during the warthey...

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