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February 17 - Lecture Outline I Legacies of 17th century II...

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February 17, 2009 Lecture Outline I. Legacies of 17 th century II. War in South-last confrontations III. Balance of power diplomacy A. New France B. Middle Ground C. Long Peace The Saint Louis Arch, the Gateway. We tend to view America standing on east coast looking west. How do we see the Native Americans? They are part of politics, economics, and society, throughout the 18 th and 19 th century. I. Legacies of 17 th century King Phillips war, bacon’s rebellion, and the Virginian leadership, encouragement of expansion Pennsylvania, coastal devastation and the Iroquois. The French and Iroquois wars, the beavers wars, took place between 1680’s and 1690’s. They were trading guns and go on the war path, they attack rivals throughout the whole area. They tried to monopolize the fur trade (beaver furs) they also push many tribes west of the Mississippi. Peace is established with the Grand Settlement in 1701. It is a settlement between French, English, and Iroquois.
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What about the South? The Tuscarora War (1711-1713) They lived in present day N. Carolina Pressured by immigrants (swiss and german) had been enslaving and kidnapping them. They finally, in 1711, they retaliate and kill more than 100 colonists. The colonists retaliate and attack back. They contact the people in the sourthern part, and they arm themselves and the allies, the yamasee? 1,000 tuscaroaras are killed, several hundered enslaved, only 2700 are enslaved. They go north and become the 6 th nation of the Iroquois nation. South Carolina (1715-1717) the yamasee join with the Cherokee and retaliate. The yamasee go further south to Florida. The south is now more opened up for settlement. The Indians realize direct confrontation with settlers are like suicide. This ends with a new phase, an Indian colonial reaction II New France at height of 1715, mostly in Canada, quebec established when Jamestown was. Very small population though, can’t convince French. Mostly concentrated by saint Lawrence river. 15,000 in 1700, about 52700 by 1750. They spread through Great Lakes region to New Orleans. Still small. Detroit biggest with 600. Demongraphy problem. Lots of land but no way to assert authority. Fur traders, few soldiers, missionaries, and a handful of farmers. The Métis in New France are products of interracial marriage between French and Indians. They become traders and brochures between French and Indian cultures. This all takes place in the Middle Ground. It’s not geography, but more of a concept.
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February 17 - Lecture Outline I Legacies of 17th century II...

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