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March 26, 2009 Exam- have thesis statement, use lecture and pox Americana Extra Credit- April 1 st 7-9 in fowler hall, get brochure, write 2 page response to what you thought, turn in class Tuesday the 7th, get 5 points. March, 4, 1829 inauguration of old hickory. He opens up the white house to the public. They ruined rugs, broke furniture, they wrecked the white house. Said it was a proud day of America. Others, not as supported. The age of Jackson would have seen this as the ‘age of the common man” the problem with this phrase is that it wasn’t quite right. Maybe age of the common white man, white land owning man, but not common man. 1828 transformed American politics. Second party system beginning, new ideas who was in and outside of politics, and the age of Jackson would change how the campaigns were run. Change professional politicians. In 1817, the 5 th president james Monroe would signal the demise of the federalists. The last of the founding fathers who served as president. He supervised the period that is known as the era of good feelings. (1817-1824) Period in which the Jeffersonian party had no competition. A split was bound to happen. Jeffersonian republicans believed in state’s rights and small government. Opposed to centralized, promote free trade, no tariffs. The group that started to break off known as the Nationalist Republicans. These people were called the American System. They believed federal government should spend money on internal improvements, need bankers, support national bank, they promote high tariffs. In order for industrialization to take off, need tariffs on incoming goods. Protect textile industry in new England
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1824 election- have had 24 years of Virginians, 30 out of 40 years, the white house occupied with Virginians, by 1824, no more Virginians left. They nominate 5 people for election. Andrew Jackson—hero of new Orleans Clay—speaker of the house John Quincy Adams—son of first president and from Massachusetts, and also was currently Monroe’s secretary of state. Believed to be next president John C. Calhoun—bright man and senator, secretary of War during war of 1812 William Crawford—treasurer under Monroe More voters in 1824, most states dropped property requirements. But there are also new states, Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, Missouri, Maine, all these people now. These new states never had property requirements. Any white male. Universal white male suffrage. No secret ballot, you went up and proclaimed your vote. Lot more invested in electing a president. Party machines begin to develop, newspapers, transportation. These 5 people, then down to three. No one person receives a majority—Jackson, Crawford, and JQA. This goes to the house of representatives. Crawford has a stroke, now down to Jackson and Adams. Henry Clay was the speaker of the house, and now it is his decision. Clay supports
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March 26 - M Exam have thesis statement use lecture and pox...

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