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CLUSTER 8: CASE STUDY ASSESS QUESTIONS Middle School: “Assessment: Cafeteria Style” 1. What is your initial reaction to Ida Reffert’s plan for assessing her students’ learning in the final unit of the semester? I like the idea of having the students complete an applied project. I believe that it is a fun and a unique way for the students to show how much they have learned. 2. Is it appropriate to let students choose how they will be assessed? Why or why not? I do not believe that it is appropriate to let students choose how they will be assessed. I believe that the whole class should be under one assessment approach. I feel that there needs to be consistency. However, I do believe that teachers should vary their assessment approaches throughout the school year. Students all have different learning abilities; therefore I believe that there should be different ways to measure how much a student has learned. From my own experience, taking tests have been the most common way to assess learning; however, I believe that not all students are great test takers and
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