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December 2 - December 2, 2010 Ending the War: First area we...

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December 2, 2010 Ending the War: First area we move into is Saint Lo= July 25. Allows allies to break out, allow the Germans trying to stop the flow of surrounding Allies in this area. If you have choice of N. France, or Candid? Take the later. We gain a major point for land and supplies particularly as we move towards Dijon. August 18 th = Amarilo Dragoon July 20 th plot against Adolf Hitler= Von Stauffenberg, Germany good nation but with bad leader. Need to rid of Hitler, then maybe military could work with negotiated peace. Set a bomb off, he’s not a key figure, Hitler would be killed and good days ahead of them. Bad thing is that it doesn’t work. Bomb goes off, people are killed and injured. Hitler is injured (was already injured) but he was not killed. If you attempt to kill the king, you kill the king. They were close to succeeding, but weren’t really that close. Rommel, one of the German heroes, commits suicide. Von Kluge, commander of the forces in the West, was also in the conspiracy. August 25= We landed in France, moving towards Brittney, what do we do about Paris? It’s part of occupied France. If you were stationed in Paris during WWII, you had a great job. There weren’t anybody getting killed, there wasn’t any fighting, you had access to the best restaurants, then you found the best wines in paris. It’s a good place to be. The Allies have a choice. Eisenhower wanted to do nothing. Paris is ok. It’s not a military important site. Nothing is going wrong with Paris, so let’s leave it alone. However, this is not how the French feel. Paris IS France. France not liberated until Paris is. Going back to Paris to lead an uprising. We have a big Frenchman, going to go to Paris, and they are going to rebel against Germans. They will
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December 2 - December 2, 2010 Ending the War: First area we...

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